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Weird! yeah I consider pluto a planet. why wouldn't I. The last I checked there were nine planets we new of. Is there all of a sudden 8 planets and an extra star? what have i missed out on?
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Thanks for the up date!

So, since Pluto and it's moon orbit eachother around a nearly equadistant center, Pluto is not actually a planet. Right?<br />
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Pluto was reclassified as not a planet a few months ago, because they found a piece of space debris (I think and asteroid, but I am not positive) thats just a little smaller than Pluto. And Pluto's moon Charon is about half the size of Pluto, so rather than orbiting Pluto like most moon's do, their center of rotation is somewhere in between them, so they orbit each other. The news came out when we were doing astro-physic in my physics class, so we had discussing whether or not Pluto was really a planet. :-)