Scientists Need To Consider All The Possiblities.

I watched part of a documentary the other day about how Pluto became a non-planet. Neil deGrasse Tyson was the host and he traveled around the US discussing this with many scientists and citizens. He interviewed a scientist who inadvertently made a discovery of many Pluto like planets in the asteriod belt. From his discovery he found one that was larger than Pluto which he called Aries and for a very short while we had 10 planets. Then the IAU convened and decided to change the classification of planets. That's why Pluto became not considered a planet. Though really how can a group of scientists decide such a thing. Really there are several Pluto like planets and instead of declassifing Pluto I think they should add all the others. There would be like 10 more planets, including Pluto in our solar system. So 20 planets instead of what now the scientific community considers 8 (minus Pluto). The scientist (I can't remember his name) didn't mean to cause a rukus of this magnititude and he himself is on the Pro-Pluto side of the debate. For the time being, that's how it is. There's the Anti-Pluto and Pro-Pluto scientists. There's actually a list. There's a mission to fly to Pluto, like the one we had for Mars, to investigate its surface, atmosphere and inner whole. The rocket already left 4 years ago and it'll arrive at Pluto in 4 years. Yes, 8 years to get there. I think that's amazing since the rocket is traveling at the speed of light. So maybe in 5 years we'll have the answer.

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