We Learn From Our Mistakes

....at least we should do. Life is about growth, gaining wisdom and insight. The trick is not to dwell on your mistakes, but learn from them.  



mizzen123 mizzen123
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

blissy, that's so true. I am not always as generous to myself as I should be and as I am with others. I repeat lots of the same mistakes, so I haven't got this whole life thing sussed by a long way, but at least I am aware, and have certainly learnt much down the years. It is so easy to get intopatterns of behaviour and thouht, which is why I'm about to see a therapist! I am a reflective person and have at least turned some of it into positives.

Yes, and to not only learn from them, but to be generous and loving towards yourself when you do make a mistake. I keep repeating the same mistakes again and again ... and can get very frustrated ... but I try not to be hard on myself ... I just have to gently pull myself away from patterns of behaviour ... and believe that I will get there in the end.