Treasures And Memories

Every night before bed, dad would read from one of the books we had gotten through a book club our mother had enrolled in. Today, only a handful of our books remain, as I was able to save these last few books from a box our mother had intended on donating. Where did all the other books go?  I remember her telling me that these were given to a rummage sale or to the school library.  I wished she'd asked us kids first if we wanted to keep any of them.  Same thing with  all of our childhood "little people" buildings and furniture toys and Barbie dolls.  All gone.

I'm happy I was able to salvage those few books, as one was one of my favs called "Mother Goose and Grim's Fairy Tales," a book about 1.5 inches thick, containing all those old nursery rhymes.  Another book about a squirrel I still have is called "Suzie Q."
But, my all-time favorite book I still have, which is the original version of "There Was An Old Woman" and I know the entire story by heart to this day! 
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I still have most of my childhood books, although I don't read them. Something in my genetic makeup makes it painful for me to part with books. Although I think I will read the ones that I haven't yet read.