Thought Of A Few Other Favs

Our teachers in 4th & 5ht grade would read us books during one class each week (or was it day?) I remember "The Cat Ate My Gymsuit," "Superfudge" and "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing."  
I then checked out any Judy Blume book I could find.  Back then, a couple of her books were considered 'young adult' reads, such as "Forever."

"Wifey," on the other hand, was in the adult section and I checked it out because, well, if you've ever heard of what it's about, then you know why.  I was in 8th grade, brought it to school, read certain excerpts from it out loud to those seated near me at the back of the bus while on the ride home from school. 

A day or two later I was called into the principal's office and questioned.  Seems a younger bus rider had told their parents, who in turn called the school, that I was reading a dirty magazine on the bus to others.  When asked if I had a dirty magazine that I was reading out loud, I firmly denied it.  (I didn't offer the fact that I was reading a book with some very sexually graphic descriptive writing.)
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Its funny....Judy Blume taught me about God...."Are You There God?, Its me Margaret" and sex....."Wifey" I was about in 8th grade when I read her too!