I absolutely adore reading children's novels. They are so fun. I enjoy both fantasy and the real stuff. I usually buy them from second-hand places because they are cheap and older. I've read many and have heaps in my collection that I am yet to read. I do read adult fiction as well, but I hope I never get to a stage when I lose interest because I am still 19.
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They're excellent!! I'm a big kid!! I love it and people are often attracted to me because I have a fun loving, out going personality! If anyone ever has a problem with you, tell them to get a life and lighten!!!

Thank you for your encouragement. I've read A Ring of light which is by the same author as A Wrinkle in time, I think. Aren't they good?

I love children novels too. A wrinkle in Time is one of my faves...but I love Harry Potter! I'm 33 so there's a chance that you will NOT lose!