Reading Into a Melancholy Mood

I have no living children of my own although that is probably one of the biggest challenges in my life. So why do I have literally bookshelf after bookshelf of children’s books in my nursery? I always planned to marry a man that would want me to have his children. We would live in a modest home raising our children with values that were instilled in us growing up. We would lead a comfortable lifestyle. I would teach them to read at an early age and pass along my love of reading to them. My husband would coach their recreational league sports and I would drive the soccer mom van in the carpool. Some things really aren’t meant to be but I still have the many books I purchased for my “children.” Sometimes when I feel melancholy I will go to the nursery in my home and pick up “Stuart Little” or about “Laura Ingalls” and I will pile up on the top bunk bed to read for a short while. Before I know it a couple hours have passed and I have finished the book. Probably the reason that I love this so much is that it makes me think about my childhood. I’m not sure why I do it but I know it makes me a more balanced person.  One of my favorite pastimes is holding my niece on my lap and reading to her, although these days she is 7 and wants to read to me. She loves books and everyone says she is a “Mini Me.” When I hold up my baby pictures and hers you can’t tell us apart. The older she gets the more she picks up my mannerisms too. She will soon have a little brother or sister (less than 3 days from now) and we will start the cycle all over. I have purchased “Good Night Moon” …..“Berenstein Bears” …”The Beatrix Potter Series”….several “Dr. Seuss books and the Laura Ingalls Wilder series for the new baby. I will be waiting when they arrive from the hospital and I will sit there and rock the baby and read the books silently. Once she/he gets older I will spend a lot of time rocking and reading to her/him just like my mother/nana did for me. Yes the cycle continues.  
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Beautiful story, fungirlmmm, and great taste in children's books. There are two others that I loved as a kid, One is "Sam, Bangs, and Moonshine" by Evaline Ness. The other, unfortunately out of print, is "Alexander and the Magic Mouse," by Martha Sanders (ill. Phillippe Fix).

I agree with Veronica Rose! Get out there and start reading to others, share your gifts. If not at a hospital for babies and children, maybe volunteer to read in a local classroom or library story hour. Getting out there may get you noticed, may bring you a step closer to attaining that goal of finding someone and having your own children, if not there are TONS of kids in the foster system where your love and attention would benefit them almost as much as you would benefit from giving to them.

FG be glad you are an aunt ..motherhood or parenthood is difficult..

Old memories are sad for me. Thinking about good times is like seeing them end for me. Sure there are plenty of good times to come in the future, but i can never go back to experience some of the old ones. I will never have those good times ever again and for me that is sad.

Thanks All, I will check that out.

Thanks wakanpyro.

Hint taken. For some reason I have been getting a load of friend request requests lately. I had not seen yours yet but I will go add you. I am sorry it took me so long.

You cut and paste it in a blog maybe. I am not sure.

I will give you a way to send it to me if you want.

I will hit that story. Thanks love.

Thanks Star

This is a great story. :) I hope that someday soon you will get to rock your own children to sleep.

Oh Fungirl - DO NOT give up on this dream! You can have it - you can! I am always excited when parents want to share their love of reading with children. In my opinion, this is one of the best gifts that you can give a child at an early age - or any age really. <br />
<br />
You will do this -- you are a fantastic talented, imaginative, smart and sassy woman.

Did God plan something amazing for you that you have not yet dreamed? Are you open to His will for you? Are you allowing options to flow? Foster children? An orphan in a faraway country? A teen who can't keep her baby? Six siblings in need of a mom? Babies with disablilties at hospitals that have been abandoned by parents and just need to be held? Are you the answer to someone's fervent prayer? Were you created just for this? You may have A SPECIAL CALLING! Don't miss it.

this story was wonderful<br />
<br />
we all have unfullfilled dreams and hopes <br />
<br />
I would love to say that they will come true <br />
<br />
Who know's <br />
<br />
Forever hopefull <br />

i do that too!I have a very strong feeling that little kid stories are fun and entetaining and even tho ones that dont ake sense make the most of sense reading children's book does not mean anything except you like them but just try to inspire other people to read as much as you do it is an excellent gift

Wow I am an idiot. . . I waas reading this story because I linked to it from another story I was reading. I wasn't paying attention to what screenname posted it. I get to the end to make a comment that this sounds like something I wrote and look up and realize I DID WRITE IT. LOL

TY IT.. I have tears in my eyes reading your comments.

You forgot the Super Heroes. Can you imagine the fun I could have with AquaMan or InvisibleMan... MMMM can you say awesome voyuer. He could watch and no on would know.

You could also write adult Nursey Rhymes like :<br />
<br />
"Little Jack Horny"<br />
"Tom Tom the Bikers son"<br />
"Jack made Jill go on the Pill"<br />
"Little Red Riding Rod"<br />
"***** in Boots"<br />
"Polly put your kit back on"<br />
<br />
To name Butt (DOH!) a few..........................LOL!

"Cue Up the Man!" or Bobbie Got Naughty and was Put in the Corner.

Just make sure you stick to the children's stories and don't get them mixed up with your more adult stuff...LOL!<br />
I'm not sure they would understand stories like "Teddy Bares it all In Fungirls shower", or "A day in the Life of Master Bates", or Snow White and the Seven Perverts"........................LMAO.

Yes... I want my oldest nephew to get the hell out of college so he can start having me great nieces and nephews lol

Lovely story FG. Your dream may come true one day - I hope it does 'cos you would be a wonderful parent. I'll bet your niece loves her Aunty and really enjoys your company.<br />
I used to love reading to my daughters, nieces and nephews but they are all adults now...............but as you say .............the cycle continues.

Thanks All1

Thanks marshmallow ummm I mean mapleman!!!! I try to be a good person.

Ok why are you using my own quote against me? LOL I guess if I can tell you to dream big I can follow that advice as well. <br />

Fungirl, from what I know about you hold on to your dream there is always a chance it will come true. Life is so much more enjoyible when you can hope your dreams can come true.