Roald Dahl

I was always encouraged to read as a child and as I have become older,  it has become a source of great pleasure. For this reason, I am determined to do everything I can to give my kids a love of books the same as I have.
I grew up on Roald Dahl books as well as many others. His stories really appeal to a childs imagination and his characters really come to life. My kids are still to young to read the books by themselves so we have a bed time story every night. I will read a few chapters to them and everyone enjoys it.
At the moment we are reading "Matilda"  We are having lots of fun doing the voices, especially Miss Trunchbull! It makes my kids howl with laughter and I have to admit, I love pretending to be evil..... (sound of devilish laughter.... cackle cackle cackle!!!)
Sharing books with your kids is one of the best parts of parenting. It is wonderfully nurturing and bonding too. Apparently I have heard that the number of parents who share books like this is falling drastically and that makes me really sad. Keep reading with your kids people, you both miss out otherwise!
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2 Responses Nov 16, 2011

I love reading!! There are so many books I want to share with them :o)

Yes quiet time just before bed time for my kids,well it was Thomas the tank engine stories,Harry Potter,chronicles of Narnia,the hobbit and lord of the rings oh and Roald Dahl ,just so stories and others they were great times