Enjoy Them Forever

I love to read, write and draw. What do you get if you mix those three up? Well, one option is illustrated books. They can carry any story you want, but as life marked it, one of my favorites are children's books. There is magic in children's books. Drawings give life to peculiar stories. Have you ever read something written by a nine years old kid? I've read my own stories written at that age and there's more, lots more to children's book than many down-to-earth people give it credit for.
Writting something for a small mind with no barrears and no limits to imagination is one of the most difficult things you will encounter if you like writing. And, drawing those isn't easy either. I believe we have to always give a children's book a chance when we see it. You never know when you will find a twist in your life. Maybe it's hidden in one of this books and you have been ignoring them because you think you're too old for them. :)
AmbitiousRookie AmbitiousRookie
May 25, 2012