I Collect Childrens Books

I did go through a phase when I didn't read childrens books, but by the time I was 18 I was a fairly avid reader once again. I knew i wasn't the only one when my best friend told me I couldn't borrow her complete works of AA Milne because she was reading it to herself before bed every night. I have read the book before and I highly recommend it. Eyore seems to have a lot more of a role than in the disney cartoon I used to watch, he is much, much funnier as well. He got me laughing so hard I had to put the book down until I could stop laughing while I was reading the book to my children. I collect them now, and they have brought countless numbers of hours of joy to my children and I and even sometimes a repreive as I would sit in my room alone and get a good Dr. Seuss book read by the actual 'Dr.' himself, and not just one of those with the cat on it. The list can go on of all the ones I adore. Aesops fables and Zen shorts changed my life. I hope that even after my children are grown I will continue to read these funy, thought provoking, cleverly written and highly entertaining books just to keep my eyes open to all the possibilities there are in this world. :)
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Wonderful way to introduce your children to the world of books and reading, and ultimately spark their imaginations to things much greater than anything they will find on television.
Nothing wrong with getting double enjoyment out of spending quality time with your children.