Tetong In The Land Of The Unknown

I am an adult reader of Harry Potter's book. I search several other fiction, magical and sorcery stories, but the good one's are hard to come by. Last month, while scrolling at Amazon, I found a new book called "Tetong in the Land of the Unknown." It is fabulous book. I can never stop reading it. Never a dull moment in every chapter. The talismans are magical. The author made me fell I am with the invisible peoples. The experience of the character learning how to fly seemed that I am with him.

The stakes are high throughout the story, and the boy and his traveling companions have trouble during the entire journey. It's always a life -or-death adventure, one after another, and one bad thing after another happened to them. It is excellent. Had the character's journey been easy, it would be great for Tetong, but bad for me as a reader.

The settings throughout the story are strong and interesting. For me, as an American reader, barrios and villages are new places, and are intrinsically interesting. "Tetong" and his friends started their journey and they traveled from one magical place to the next. The author described these places--with the colors, and shapes and smells and sounds, that seemed so real...The author introduced the reader to a new word, a world of imagination.

Eastern Washington
Mangan Mangan
Jan 19, 2013