Curious George

I taught kindergarten and preschool.  I made sure it was so much fun the kids would never forget their story time, especially on Fridays.  I became "The Story Lady".  I would dress up as a character in a book and read to all the classes.  I went as Mother Goose, a puppy, the old lady "Strega Nona", and so many others. 

When I was little I got pleurisy.  I was home from school for a week.  I still remember the pain of breathing and just how sick I was.  My dad took off work which was very unusual as he was obligated to travel.  He sat next to me and fed me soup and antibiotics and books.  He read and read and read to me.  I remember him reading "Curious George", so many of them,  because I loved Curious George!  He helped me get through that awful week.  My dad was the one who taught me to love reading and life long learning.  When he died I put a copy of "Curious George" in his casket. 

Thanks, Dad!

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you had a wonderful dad,glad you got to hrear about curious george. he was a great character.

EP's Spotlight? Cool! <br />
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I lost my dad 11 years ago this April. ='( Now I can read Curious George to the grandbabies. =) How do I dress up as a puppy? Heck, check me out first thing in the morning. Methinks I look like a dog. =/

Oh My what a wonderful story and I missed it until now...thanks to EP's Spotlight!<br />
I love your story, your Dad and your touching your visual of putting "Curious George" in your Dad's casket. <br />
How do you dress up as a puppy?<br />
I miss you...please visit when you can.

I have two huge bins of books I have to sort for my granddaughter. They were her mom's and I'm so excited to look through them all again!!

Beautiful story. : ) <br />
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I also love Children's books and had a rather extensive collection by the time my Little Bird was born. They always ask for another and another and another...and I give in. I have the same memories of Daddy reading to me as a little girl. : ) does feel like I've been gone from EP a long time. I feel like my dad has been speaking to me lately somehow, and leaving his dimes for one of my friends, as well. (That's another story,) Sanzech, thank you for the warm thoughts. I hope to come back with some positive stories, so please keep reading. I appreciate that you read this one. <br />
Paralily, I'm so sorry you don't have this experience from either parent. But think how many children could receive this from you, even if you aren't the parent. Children everywhere LOVE to be read to; it's comforting and safe. You could offer this simple gift of reading to a child somewhere.<br />
Penguins, you and I have been friends for a while now. Thanks for not losing touch. (hugs)

I love this story... when my kids were young, I would read to them every night. I used to love the scent of them freshly bathed and ready for bed. We'd cuddle together and read. Often they ask for the same story over and over again. I had two tricks help cure boredom. I would' stick' and read the same phrase or sentence over and over again. My daughter knew this was her cue to slap me on the head, whereupon I would continue. I would also slow down and sound like a 45 record played on 33.( you have to be old to get that reference) anyway, i still consider story time to be the best time of my life.<br />
Whenever a good friend has their first child, I give a gift of books: Goodnight Moon, Pat the Bunny,<br />
Cat in the Hat, The Stinky Cheese Man and, of course, Curious George.

I definitely envy your relationship with your parents. My mom and I never speak, and i never got to meet my dad. I don't even know his name.

For myonis: I read some stories from you. Some of them I have come to the heart. Como esta. Follow your stories if I may. A greeting

NomOnEy, I'm sorry you don't have that connection. I know that I was lucky and I do cherish my good fate in having had him as my dad.

that's is amazing you should cherish every moment of the connection you and your father had never really got to know my father as being he left when i was 2 months old n haven't really had much communication with him since

jm16 and tasmin, thank you for commenting.

What a beautiful story .. I wish I had been able to do something similar

How touching in its simplicity. One could strive to be the kind of parent your dad was. :)

You had Toots. I had my dad, so at least we were blessed that way, right?

Yeah fab story another hooked by a kind family member onto reading good stuff!!

I love that you put a copy of Curious George in your Dad's casket. I hope I inspire my own children the way your Dad inspired you!

I hear you. I lost my brain and 5 minutes with each of mine. I seemed to run about 15 minutes late for a long time. I added 1/2 shoe size with each, though. 5 1/2 to a 7!

Myonis, I breast fed all these kids and I'm sure they sucked all the brains out of my head in the process.

But is it? My dad was teaching himself Arabic and reading "The String Theory of Evolution" when he died. Maybe that's why I stick to the kiddie lit!

One of my sons is that way. Always speaking to me in different languages. I tell him, at 45 years old, it's too late.

I took 5 years of Spanish. It came very easily, probably because of my exposure early on. I still get the syntax, but can't remember the vocab. I pretty much rebelled on the language thing because he would speak to me in German or Italian and who knows what - I never knew what the heck he was saying to me. It drove me nuts in a father/daughter kind of way.

Curious George is perfectly not perfect.<br />
<br />
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So, how many languages do you speak, with all that immersion?

Thank you cOw and ndd! I am most definitely a complicated person! I have to say I shine around the little ones. My dad was an amazing man. He spoke 7 languages! And he adored me.

Great story - I envy your relationship with your dad