A Wonderful Way To End The Day.

For over a decade now, I have been reading a bedtime story, most nights, to which ever child of mine was willing to listen. I have always felt a sense of accomplishment, to be able to sit and re tell a story, share in some magic, have some special quiet time, and then a kiss and cuddle before bed. Everything always felt right with the world after a good bedtime story.

These days it seems to only be Miss Four and me, which makes it easier in the choosing of the book.  Just recently she brought home a book from her weekly school library visit, and we decided that it was a must read before bed. It was called “Cherryblossom and the Golden Bear” retold by Pamela Freeman.

What a wonderful story to tell. Miss four delighted in the beautiful illustrations that went with the words, touching the pages with her little fingers, counting things in the pictures and listening intently to the story I was telling her.

It was a classic fairytale, with a wonderful happily ever after.  A story full of spellbinding goodness, and a dream that if we believe in ourselves enough, have trust in our abilities and in our hearts to tell us the truth, then anything is possible.

The Golden Bear kept reminding Cherryblossom through the story by saying, “if you will, you can.” He says. “Trust your heart.” It was my favourite line in the book.

It was interesting to see that the romanticism was not really lost on Miss Four.  Well, it was as understood as can be, by one with such newness in her eyes and such beautiful innocence. Yet at the very end she sat there wide eyed at the happy ending, smiling and cooing at the page, touching the picture in wonder at the transformation of the golden bear.

It was just a children’s book, but it was one of the many I have enjoyed reading with such feel good themes, a strong female character and a male character who always turns out to be a prince charming.

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7 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Your writing is just too beautiful! I love and enjoy reading those children book, just because the image are too cute to put it down. And, I love the simplicity in those books.

Love this story, Lills...touches my heart. I love reading to children, too. This was the best part of my day when I was still teaching the preschoolers. I love the eager faces they show me, eyes bulging as you do a voice over of the different characters, snickers and giggles as they understand what is happening, sometimes a trace of fear if the character is in danger, and the satisfied smiles in knowing that they've been read, and looks forward to being read again next day. And yeah, from what I just said here, I was animated when I read a story to the kids. Bet you were imagining that already!!! LOL *hugs*

Love your story and will check out the book x

Love your story and will check out the book x

They take after their mum, she reads alot and unlike me she can read a book a few times, as soon as the plot is revealed I remember and thats it for me.<br />
My eldest g/ boy , [ the lawyer] he speed reads, when you see the size of the books and the tiny print they have to get thru at uni, you can under stand.

It's lovely to see the youngones interested in books, my g/kids when little always took their books to bed, when making them the next morning there they were tucked under the pillow, the books not the kids...lol

Lilly, you write so well. I have a feeling that you would write a beautiful children's book that would be read and reread by children. I loved how your daughter feels drawn to touch the pages :)