After 13 Years

13 years ago i gave up everything to move hundreds of miles to live with my current partner. i gave up being able to see my family and my best friend any time i wanted. i have put up with his family who i know only put up with me because i am his partner and bore his children. dont get me wrong he is a wonderful father and a good friend and partner to me. but bacause he is the main provider i feel like he hasnt needed to give up as much as me. when i do visit my family and friends everyone seems to have moved on so much i feel like im missing so much. i dont feel at home there anymore and i dont feel at home here where i should.i feel lonely alot even after all this time. im a shy person and i find it hard to make friends easily so alot of my friends are the friends of my partner so im not really that close to them i really miss not being able to pop into my friends house when ever i feel  down like my best friend who i have been friends with since school. when am i ever going to be happy with my life?  after reading some stories on here i know my life is not as bad as some yet they manage some how.

crabbit crabbit
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

i do sound a bit ungrateful, dont i? must have wanted a bit of a rant that day i was missing my friend so much that day and i am now starting my own business so hopefully that will keep me occupied. but thanks for the feedback unicorn59 it is was very thoughtfull of you.