Tigger Died In 2003

My cat was called Tigger and he is buried under a rose bush in my back garden!!

He was 19 when he died and i was 18 so i had him all my life!!!

My life was completely messed up the day we took him to the vets and they told us he had cancer! they said we can put him to sleep now or we can give him tablets n injections to keep him alive!

This was before my 17th birthday! and we said we will keep him for a lil while to see how he goes! as he had turned 18 we knew he wouldn't last much longer anyway but we just didn't want to part with him!! esp me!

He was my sanity i shared every experience with him making sure i never missed out on anything! he was like my best friend n my brother!

When i was a child i had another cat called Peurdy and she died when i was 7! i was more close to her than Tigger as he never came near me as if he did Peurdy would tell him off! but when she died he was straight there to console me!!

One night a week after hearing the news he was in my bed lay next to me and i was crying as i didn't want him to die ever! I asked him to do one thing for me if he could manage it and that was to stay alive for my 18th birthday! as it was longer than a year off i thought it would never happen!

We took him to the vets a month later and they said there was no way that they were putting him down as he has put on weight and looking much better etc!!

I went to many of his monthly check ups as he only ever calmed down for me! and the vet was able to do a through examination as he would let them do it if he could see me!!!

On my 18th birthday he was there! he had lost a lot of weight and was really ill but he pulled himself though! (OKAY I'M ACTUALLY CRYING NOW!!!)
My mum picked me up from work that day and there was a surprise party at my house!! My baby was sat with me all night! just getting up occasionally to kiss my face then sit down!!!

That night in bed i thanked him so much! i couldn't believe he actually did it!!!
My birthday is the 5th August!!

On the 4th December that year! we took him to the vets to be put down! he had been deteriorating rapidly since the party!!! n i hugged him one last time and sang him his favorite song! i watched the needle be taken out n ran out of the vets into the car!!! I have had a fear of needles since then!!!

My mum carried him out as she knew i would still want him close so we buried him in the garden with a certificate i made him and our favorite toy!!!
We have planted a rose bush on top of him!!!

I sit outside and talk to him when I'm feeling low or upset or anything! but there are many nights i still cry myself to sleep over him!!

I know it feels so hard at the moment but you will feel better soon as they wouldn't want you to mourn after them for to long! they want to see you get on with your life and be proud of whatever you do!

Every time i do something I'm proud of i can sense him near me to congratulating me!!
I did a 13 mile walk last year and as i lay on my settee later resting i felt something stroke up against my hand and heard purring!! I thought it was my other cat but he was sat in the window watching me!! so i know it was Tigger coming back to say well done and that know matter how i sometimes am to busy to remember him he is always there for me!!!

I know it is a very sad story but i thought you should know about me and Tigger n how i have come to terms with it and still get upset n cry but everyone is allowed to do that time to time!
Just don't let yourself get ill over it you don't want that or neither does Sapphire!!
So i hope you feel better soon and when you do get on and don't think about it DO NOT feel guilty it is part of the process of life!!!
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We had our "Pudgy" for almost 19 years. It's natural to grieve the loss of a family member. Some people say that animals are just like family. Not me. They ARE family. I know how you feel. Nobody can ever know how you feel, unless they've experienced it. It's OK hon. The love that the both of you shared will never be forgotten. God Bless.