I Have 2 of Them

One for each TV.  Both are in good shape as well as a lot of the tapes I have.  I don't tape much anymore unless it's a series I like to watch over and over again (and isn't posted to the internet or on demand).  The recording holds me over until the show I taped comes out on DVD.

Thinking back, before DVDs, remember how expensive a movie would be when it first came out on VHS?  I remember some costing around $29-30... hard to believe people paid that now especially when DVDs with the extras cost around a little more than half that price ... plus now they offer digital copies as well!

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5 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I know!!! Pretty hard to replace all of that vintage **** huh???<br />
(I'm going to hell.....)

I have the same thing, VCR's everywhere, but I do have one that allows me to transfer the tape to a DVD. I may do that with some of them for space saving purposes. But hell, I have an *-Track in the basement too!

I feel the same way, runnagirrl, about my tapes. The only time I get rid of a tape is if it broke (once) or if it just didn't hold the recording well anymore. I'd get a DVD version of the movie I have on VHS only for those reasons or if the extras were really, really worth it.

we have one for each tv also, although one doesn't work anymore. :( i love my vcr, and all my vhs tapes, and think it would be pointless to just get rid of them. they were a part of my life growing up, and i like still having access to them now!

I have a VCR for every TV in my house as well. They are for my daughter who is 2. I kept all of my old Disney movies from when I was growing up, so she can enjoy them as well.