To Have Empathy

My daughter has been sick on and off since February, and she wanted to see Ex. I have been e-mailing him often to let him know how my daughter thought about him. Result ? No reply.

I haven't received no reply from him for 2 weeks. Finally I decided to ask "What's wrong?". His reply was "I'm busy, and sick!!!". Okay. I replied that I was beginning to doubt if he has empathy, but I understand his incapability to show empathy after knowing his busy schedule as well as his health issue (headache, cold).

Earthquake Japan occurred after I e-mailed him. EX sent me one sentence of inquiry if my family are okay. I said "Yes, hit by 6.6M, but they are dealing with very well." He hasn't given me any reply again. 

My niece (13 years old) had plan to depart from Narita Airport on 3/21/11 to Germany, and my brother was too anxious to send my niece out from Japan. I wanted my niece to go to Germany, but I have lack of info how to get Narita Airport from Tokyo after the disaster. I remembered that EX has friends in Tokyo, so I text him to get info for me.

My friends have been sending very sympathetic e-mails to me within few days, all asking if my parents, friends are okay.

I haven't received reply from Ex about transportation info to Narita, but I also needed to let him know that Nuke will be spreading more radiation, so that he should warn his friends to evacuate. Having seen a live from Japan since 3/11/11, I felt urge to give the most updated info to EX's friend lives in Tokyo.

Next day, Ex replied me "No my friends are in Tokyo, so that no need to worry", and giving me no info about a transportation to Narita Airport.
At that moment, I suspected that ex's friends were only through a social media friends who have never met.

Surprisingly, I have started to receive e-mail from people who I have never met before. My few friends have been spreading words of detailed info about the disaster;therefore, I was lucky to read all supportive e-mail from them.

Finally, Lufthansa announced that not to fly Narita, and American were advised to evacuate much wider range than Japanese.
I text to ex that I don't need to have info about Narita anymore, then, I deleted his address from my contact list.

I have been e-mailing him at least few times since 2008, but I have not initiated communication since then.

Ex e-mailed me yesterday. A subject was about Food cart in San Francisco, and he was complaining that he wasn't able to locate a good food carts every Saturday.
I forwarded Food track's schedule without any word added.

I can still think that EX doesn't know how to approach me or he wants to know why I haven't e-mailed any.
But if he seriously wanted to complain about Asian Taco in San Francisco, I just feel sorry for him.
Victims of the triple disasters in Japan couldn't have enough foods, safe water, and I am sure that he knows about it.
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Mar 27, 2011