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Accidents? Yes And No

My nighttime wetting is so frequent, and I've done it all my life, that I don't think of them as accidents, it's just what happens when I sleep.

My daytime wetting is partially accidental, at least it started that way. I began dribbling in my shorts more and more, and then totally accidentally soaked my jeans at a party last October, I didn't even know I had to go, my bladder just emptied itself without warning. But I actually like being incontinent and now wear a diaper all the time, and hold my urine and wet myself, so it's now a mixture of accident, purposeful, and like my bedwetting, something I just naturally do.

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My bedwetting just feels normal to me. Being dry at night just wouldn't feel right somehow. As for daytime weting as long as no one notices I don't mind being wet.