Wetting Accidents

I have never managed to keep my bed dry at night and still need nappies / diapers at night.
I have recently started to have daytime wetting accidents which are becomming more frequent.
I still wear shorts so it is quite obvious that i have wet myself.
Should I be wearing nappies / diapers during the day now?
Would like your help

littlestevie5926 littlestevie5926
61-65, M
1 Response Jun 9, 2012

I've always wet the bed, well not quite true I was dry at night for a few short years at the end of my teens but by my mid 20's I was back to wetting more often than being dry at night and have wet on and off ever since. More recently my wetting has increased and now I'm seldom dry when I wake. To be perfectly honest my bedwetting has never bothered me and I have long since accepted and embraced my "Problem" and wouldn't want to be dry at night now. <br />
I too am becoming more incontinent during the day and will have to start wearing nappies or some kind of daytime protection very soon.