My Crush, Crushed Me.

I had a crush on one girl which luckily turned into something more, it went into a friendship status for about 3 months then I finally took the next step & told her what I really felt. She obviously didn't feel the same & shot it down, but it was okay.
But it got to me after a while, it ate my insides like locust. So I at least kept in contact as "just friends".
But she knew I still was in love with her so she kept her distance.
But months down the road she thought of me as a creep, as insane, as a freak.
So she had enough & cursed me out, told me to not ever talk to her in any way.
She blocked my number.
She took me off as a friend on Facebook.
She ignores anyone who brings me up in conversation.
She HATES me now.
Yet I still am in love with her, & I don't think she really Hates me, just my actions or lack of.
She pretty much didn't just break my heart, she ripped out & pulled off that one scene from Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom.
She Destroyed it. But I sadly still want her. Not as just to have a girlfriend, not because she's just female, not just for sex.
I want her as a soulmate.
But I guess I'll have to live life as being a soulless zombie.
It sucks.
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

It does suck. I'm going through this too, dude. Hell, my crush...I liked her, but I never even told her; I told my best friend and he spread it around. She, and her twin sister, hates me. She's secretly calling me names behind my back, I'm sure of it. Her friends act in a way that make me feel very uncomfortable, as if they're trying to hurt me. I even, with some girls' help, planned something, and even said that I liked her, but I just want to remain friends. But she still acts coldly. She likes spending more time with other guys, and she avoids me. I still like her, but I'm also pretty angry at her for ignoring me last time when I tried to talk, but she walked away with another guy when he cracked a joke. <br />
<br />
Yes, it does suck, dude. I guess this might cheer you up and give you the motivation you need, like I used to love it.<br />