I Still Love Him

I still Love the one guy who I Loved very much, and the one guy who broke my heart. I still find myself thinking about him, and thinking about why he left me, and I cry, and hurt, and it totally su*ks. I Loved him so much, and I thought he Loved me, but I guess I was wrong. When things with us ended, my feeling for him, grew stronger, I wanted to be the perfect girl for him, I was willing to do anything to be with him. If he told me to walk away from my Family, my Friends, and my Future I think I would have. I Loved him, and even though he broke my heart, part of me still Loves him

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I have exactly the same feeling as you...whan can we do?

I feel the same we honestly need to talk, its sad how people are

I know how you feel.I would have did the same but in the end your family and yourself is all you can count on.I hope life gets better for you.

You should never be willing to change everything about who you are to attract or keep someone. You will never really be happy with someone you have gained, by losing who you are. True love is when you both love each other for who you are not who you are pretending to be. I am sure that if you open your heart you will find Mr. Right and he will love you for who you are.

I have the same experience as yours. and i was under his spell too. But im twice your age so i can sort of afford to throw away my future after he dumped me. What Im saying is, you are very young. There will be men out there that will deserve you and what you have to offer. Cheaters and bad guys who break hearts dont deserve a happy ending. And definitely doesnt deserve to be loved as much. That I have learned. I wish youre feelng better lately. :)

dont leave your family and friends over a guy because they are your support system. ask yourself, is the guy willing to give up all he's got for you too? the most important person here is YOU. love yourself more than others. then you will surely find someone who will treasure you even more.

You always will love him. Even when your old and gray. But don't worry. There are plenty of other people you will love too. Every love you have will be different, and yet always the same. But one thing I will guarantee you, this love will be the measuring stick for all of your loves.

I've been condemned to immense agony and suffering myself. Its been over a decade, and I still haven't been able to gather myself. Each moment brings with itself unimaginable pain. But I think the only way out is to: <br />
<br />
1. accept it HAS ENDED (at least during this lifetime)<br />
2. the cause of the pain is the ending of a relationship, but it has led to something clinical and the pain and other symptoms can be lessened clinically (read 'Healing without Freud or Prozac')<br />
3. Try EMDR. It will help 'digest' the memories that trigger and cause pain.

same thing happened to me. its horrible.

I felt the same way I still do about this 1 person but I believe we all will get through it

Dear all...plz understand..love is created by our selves..it is loved by our selves...love is our own creation..others are not responsible..we feel it...we wanted it..end of the day we have bear the bitter outcome as well..dnt blame ur partner..it is all our fault..not the others..

I still love him too, still thinking of him and crying over it... I know how you felt. He told me I was perfect but still I was not the one he loved and wanted. He loves the girl who is imperfect. So being perfect is just not enough.

If he still likes you he would have come back in no time!! Give me a reason why? Is he shy/ embarassed/ doesn't have the time? No, he simply doesn't have the urge. You might be thinking of him and of what happened and in ways to get him back and of what he thinks of you WHILE he hangs out with friends, drinking beer/watching football and could be concerned about anything but you!!!!!!!!! Think about it, if he wants you, he would contacted you, at least do something to bring you back, like talking to your friend, askin about you or anything like thatyou on the other side, will have to move on, and when you get back to your life and started getting him of your mind, you won't feel the time, you won't be bored or lonely (which leads to contact him back) and who knows he might be the one who feels how strong and independent you are and that you are worth keepingBeing in love is like being addicted to that person, try to replace it with another addiction at this time.

Coming from the other side of this experience, and seemingly the guy side, I have this to say: Its not exactly nice on the other end either. In my situation, I had to break my partner's heart for my own good, I did lover her, but it faded and became to hard. She took well over a year to get over me, and more than once declared her feelings to me. I couldn't really do anything about it, and trying to remain friends was uncomfortable.<br />
<br />
My advice to you people (girls) is to lighten up and move on, clearly it wasn't meant to be. And if you can't be civil, and you can't be friends without being more, then, again, move on. It might be hard, but cutting out that person is probably the only way.

Why do men's feelings fade so easily?

Every single word you said there is the exact same thing I was thinking but with my ex boyfriend. I thought he loved me but he never did. Now I find myself trying to be perfect for him even after all the bad things he did to me..

I'm sorry *hugs*