Has My Husband Cheated? He's Got Herpes After 7.5 Years And I'm So Confused

My husband of seven years and I were separated for some time and when he came back he had a severe bout of herpes. He has since had four more bouts - less severe- in as many months. This has never shown up before and he said he didn't have any STIs when we met- i was worried because i knew he saw prostitutes for a number of years. He now says he had it when i met him. I know it is possible for the virus to lay dormant for years but the pattern of symptoms seems like he has just contracted it. He also takes out hundreds of pounds every month he can't account for. I am going to the STI clinic to check if i have it or anything else. I don't know what to think and it's tearing me apart. 
victoria1975 victoria1975
May 7, 2012