You Still Hold My Broken Heart In The Palm Of You Hand

First a back story..
I've been married to one and only love of my life for 9yrs. I fell in love with him the moment I met him. He's was this strong,moral,kind,and wounderful man. I had been hurt by every man in my life from my father to my Ex. This man was diffrent , he was my best friend.

This man who I said was my best friend became someone I didn't know anymore... He was sneaking around to call his "co worker" he was lieing about how much time they spent together. He was slowly leaving me in the dust of what once was a perfect marriage. We had discussed this change in behaivor many times. He always dismissed my concerns with words of comfort ... I still was not comforted by what seemed to words with no actions . I begged him to just be honest about his actions. I could take it. I just needed to belive he loved me and our family of 6 . I needed to be told our life together still ment something to him and that I wasent my wasting my youth on a life,love.. that wasent real. I kept searching for truth in a life now filled with his lies. I didn't want to findout things I had , I wished I had never known.. he after many tears,heart ache,pain,loss .. finally admit his "co worker" was becoming more then a friend, she was now a person of comfort in what he felt was a marriage of only DRAMA and FIGHTS ,and that his lies were my fault. I was devastated that honesty was no longer his best quality LOL .

Long story full of pain,lies,heart break,renewal,hope,and prayers later we have since worked through most, if not all of our struggles. I have learned to fogive his emotional betrayal with her. I try to be okay with their friendship. He tries to be more of a man worth my trust. He has decited were moving and he's tried to be more of th man I fell in love with. I work everyday on my fears and anger. We have come to learn that our family and lives together are so much more important to us then I think we ever realized. I hope for the future... I live for today and atempt to erase the past from my heart,mind,.
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You can't change the past, so there's no reason to grind over it. Look into the future.