Growing Upp To Fast

I found my 1st love at the early early age of 13yrs old nd he was 19 turning 20. i thought it was true love but i was so young nd he was so much more expierenced that i would melt with any little word he would tell nd like most young nd "in love" teenage girls do,i gave into peer pressure only to fall in love with him more. but it was only until a few months later where i discover he had another female pregnant. we lived very far from eachother. he lived in dominican republic nd i live in da usa. i used to cry nd cry over him once i had to comeback to the usa.but now im 17 nd i now realize that he never loved me at all itwas never real love that was there it was all in my young state of mind
DeathStarr DeathStarr
18-21, F
1 Response May 23, 2012

We're all in this together. I've also experienced something familiar as well. The whole idea is not trying to put back the cut ropes together, because it's impossible, it's to find other ways to make you happy.