Nothing Feels Real

Let's begin, I am a 25 year old soldier, father of what was four children. Three years ago my high school sweetheart who was my wife left me for her best friend's husband right after I came home from Iraq. Three years of binge drinking and loose women could never fill the void I felt inside. Three months ago she came back to me out of what seemed like no where and i finally for the first time felt whole again. Three months ago I just hit 6 months sober also

Even tho she came back nothing felt right there was this distance. I came to find out this distance was a guy she met in the park the week she got here. Ten days after getting here she was telling this guy she loved him. I did everything i could this time to make her happy. I went out of my way to make her feel loved, appreciated, respected and cared for. I started building the relationships with my kids also. My two biological and my two step children. No mater how bad she treated me and how much i voiced that we needed work to get closer i didn't give up. I got my dream back the dream I had a large part in ruining.

Now after a false allegation i am 9 grand in debt to a lawyer, cannot see my children and while i was away from my house for three days she took everything and left with this dude. All I have been working for was them. I asked her several times if she wanted us and if she didn't I wasn't going to be mad or stop her from moving on. I am hurt I am lost and I can't explain what i did to deserve this. The most disturbing thing is the things she has been saying to me and about me. I am not perfect and i was and still totally willing to admit my flaws. I guess I just don't understand how some people think. Thank you for letting me get this out

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I'm very sorry to hear that. Im going thru the same thing. I'm workingthru this with my kids<br />
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Your not alone