Still Hoping His Love Will Come

I went to college with a friend from high school; we are going to college in Jersey. I thought I left the lies in high school and I planned to but I didn’t. College was the same story and here I was thinking its college full of boys, someone would want to talk to me, I will finally have a boyfriend. Nothing Changed. Everyday I hear that I am beautiful and although I have low self-esteem and am self conscious deep down I know I am pretty I might be drop dead gorgeous but I have a very pretty face, although not the best body. I am 5"8' and 110 pounds and my legs are very long. I met a guy at orientation and we became really close friends, and I also met another friend who was from the same place as me and she also became close friends. The three of us were always together but me and the guy were closer. We had a bond and nothing like a crush just a good friendship bond. After a couple months my other friends and associates started asking me if we were together because we act like it and the way I talk about him it seems like we really like each other. I denied it because I really didn't have any feeling for me, or so I thought. He started going M.I.A. closer to the end of the semester and me and my other friend (the girl) missed him like crazy. He transferred out the next semester and just like how he left the school he left our life. It really hurt to know that he would just end a friendship just like that. At first I was like whatever but then it started to hit me when I constantly tried to text him or hit him up on facebook and he would bail. At first his use to say he would up but would make up excuses the day we planned to go out then he just started to ignore the text, called, facebook comment and messages. That when it hit me that I did have feeling for me, not just a crush but I was in love with him. He broke my heart and it was extremely hard to get over him. Up to this day I don’t think I'm over him completely because just a couple weeks ago I texted him and tweeted him but still no response. I don’t think I will ever get over him yes the feeling aren’t as strong and I don’t think of him as much but I truly believe he was my soul mate. We had a bond out of this world. And their was no sex or anything involved. I really love this guy. But I guess it wasn’t meant to be because if it was then it would. Up to this day I still pray that we will end up together sometime in the future, I've wished it with my penny at a water fountain and everything. But by the looks of it my wishing and prayers will never come true.
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1 Response Jul 9, 2012

Ignore him. An effective way of getting over someone is to stop trying to remind yourself of him, even if it may seem impossible. As a guy who has done to this one girl something similar in terms of ignoring her, and making false dates that would never happen, I honestly can say is that I had my own intentions - I didn't feel any sort of emotion for her other than sexual arousal, which basically meant that I know that that that relationship will end in disaster and I don't want to be a part of it. Don't cry for someone who won't cry for you. And stop believing something magic will happen at the end like a romantic movie where the couple get together - Because OH MY GOD THAT IS FREAKING FICTION YOU GUYS STOP BELIEVING THAT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.<br />
Anyways, God has reason and a plan for everything. You know, we may never know the reason or see the plan, but it is here, and the plan isn't always a pretty thing either. It's called a Lesson of Life, and having Faith. And with Faith you can conquer the world by yourself if you're truly worth it. But don't think that true love only happens once. As I can confirm it, there are 7 billion people in the world and each one of them is more different than the other. Remember that this world doesn't have dashing knights in shining armor, but do believe that there's somebody that is perfect for you, regardless of your own past or his.