I found out my husband like someone else. He told the I girl I like you but we can't have these relationship because I have a wife and kids. Then the girl keep inviting my husband to meet @ fast food with her kids and our kids to cover them up. The girl husband fool around with their co-worker. All of them work together. We've been marriage for 11 years. I asked my husband not to meet the girl and he said okay. But when he left @ home he called @ his work that his coming late to work. When we fought he always defending the girl that she is good woman. You called that good woman that you keep inviting the man to meet you. They keep texting each other even midnight until early morning. My husband came back to me but it doesn't mean he still love me. he came back because we have 3 kids and I just gave birth 2 1/2 months ago. I'm so confused now, still in my mind to get divorce but my kids will be affected. It's hard to live that the man you love, like someone else. Please give me some advice what to do.
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im not a therapist so i wont say any thing that could damage a already rocky relation ship but you will have to make some serious descions i would look up on what to do if your spouse is in a affair on internet or go to councling and get help being strong enough to make your hard descions ahead of you because unless your willing to share your husband

Yes, I did told him to get divorce but he cried and said I don't want any divorce. He said it's a trial and he ask another chance.

if at all you still love him and if you know the meaning of love, try to give him 100% freedom.and start thinking that he is the father of your children and no more your husband. try not to question him. or ask him why or what about his doings. take care of your children and do your duties in the house. neglecting him. if you cannot do all this try to search for the reasons he is away from you and rectify them. if you have no financial problems, take diverse and concentrate on childrens life.