¿no Vendrás A Jugar Conmigo?

I broke up with my boyfriend today and I am spending the entire day listening to music and crying. my ex bf is a current UFC fighter he fought Rich Franklin for the UFC title used to feel so proud and powerful walking down the street with him. watching all the other gurlz gawk!!!
He said that he was gonna leave his wife for me,
That he was gonna to marry me and that we were gonna raise family. It was all a dream none of what he said came true I feel so lied to like how could I not see this coming? why didn't I see the signs or the writing on the wall?
Today I can feel the effects of my 20 years upon my body. Its like someone is camping out in my head, I'm as poor as a church mouse but I've had a trillionaire's life.
There was a spring in my step that wasn't there before, I've got butterflies in my stomach and I'm even losing weight without the hint of a diet. Why? I had just got engaged to a smashing guy - and I was on cloud nine about it.
For all those years, being a bachelorette was my idea of heaven. It's a selfish way of life, to be sure, but many of life's most pleasurable things have a hint of naughtiness about them. That's what makes them so unutterably worthwhile.
I was blissfully happy being single. I enjoy my own company, learnt to wash and iron my clothes, taught myself to cook, wash the dishes and work the dishwasher and to take my clothes to the dry cleaner. I decide what to watch on television, I see who I want, eat and drink what I want and travel where and when I want to.
And once a year I tidy my desk - though looking at the heaps of paperwork in front of me now, better make that every two years.
What is there not to like about this arrangement?

And, of … course now I 'm heart broken.
chessyviolin chessyviolin
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013