My First Cuddly Toy

I was in an oxygen tent for the first 24 hour after my birth, and in the hospital for the firs week. My mom and dad worried. The day I was allowed out of the tent my dad went out and bought me a small teddybear with a wind up music box. He took the music box out because he was afraid I might jurt myself on it. I don't know what ever became of the music box but I still have the bear. He's wrapped in plastic and always in a safe place. I found out years later, well into my teens that a large reason that he bought the bear for me was that the doctors had told my mom and him that I would not live out the week. At the time he felt it was the only gift he would ever be able to give me. Glad the doctors were so wrong, 27 years old and healty as any!

Wid Wid
26-30, M
May 6, 2008