ohhh yes!! i still have mine too!! i think i got like was my whole collection..from 1995!! wow i wonder if they are worth alot now...they are in good condition,ive always kept them in a bag in my closet....i have a few slammers too

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I got mine too, i have them in a pog tube also lol I found them in my garage. I got a glow in the dark ying yang slammer ha I got a set with all the NFL teams and one that is cut like a saw blade. The *** that invented those things has prolly never worked another day in his life lol

I have no idea what Pogs are?

ohhhhh those beloved pog tubes!! what was that animal guy on them all the time? the pog mascot?? he was a very hairy caveman! hehe...and wasnt thier a game you could play with it? piling all th pogs up and trying to topple it over with a slammer?