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A Sleep Over Can Be Really Alot Of Fun,

the truth i still have my friends over for a sleep over at times, if you remember a few months ago i had that nude sleep over, that was alot of fun for everyone not just me, most people would move away for college after high school but just a few of my friends live very close i think one lives about a 40 min drive so that is not bad at all, look at joy girlfriend she only lives about 20 or 30 min drive so she comes over all the time to see us
jennylovestosmile jennylovestosmile 18-21, F 3 Responses Mar 4, 2012

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what goes on when you have a nude sleepover? just get naked and talk to eachother?

we do other stuff beside just talk but that is our secret

lol. :( thats sad to hear. haha. not even a hint? i can guess but i dont want to get it wrong. haha

sorry the last part should have read "have nude sleep over" rather than "have sleep over".

Sounds like there is more between you and your friends than just friendship as you have sleep over.