I Never Sleep

I love having get togethers with my friends. Last friday night 3 friends stayed at my house. I had already been up +24hrs when it started lol.

Two of my friend live in arizona and only get to come here in the summer. One of them wanted to see a former friend who.... well to say the least... I don't get along with. We started the night off by going to cvs.  I gave her the number of the guy i am really not crazy about anymore and they were going to meet up briefly in the parking lot.

I only agreed on the condition that i would wait in the car away from him. Well we were waiting and of course he walks right up to the car. He insisted Kelly was in the car (when it was really her twin sister) and kept peering in. When he put his hand on my car I started it up to get him to move. I decided i needed to get the hell out of there and get some coffee. I left her there with him. lol

When i came back i sent the other 2 into the park to find them. All of a sudden this black car pulls up in front of me. CREEPY encounter... I guess ill save that for another story haha.

Anyway we went home and stayed up all night. Well at least i did haha. We watched this Crazy movie that i only show select people and could not stop giggling after a certain point in the night.

I wish i could have more good times like that.

Tacit Tacit
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2008

It really can be a lot of fun. Stay up late, watch movies, chat, play games etc all with good friends! there isn't much better haha<br />
Its a good goal to have :)