Do you still remember the post about my prom or have you read it? If not read it first to know the story.

My friend/pervert asked me the same question for 3 days straight and he's making me guilty remembering about it. He kept on reminding me about our prom night on how he comforted me and I didn't gave him what he wants and that was MY FIRST KISS. C'mon he got a girlfriend, so why me? :o we all know that he likes my best friend Claire since grade school but why is he asking me for a kiss. I kept on denying that I remembered those moments and I keep on dodging the question. He wouldn't believe me. I've been ignoring him for quite sometime now.

He keeps on saying that I'm rude because I was talking about other guys while I was dancing with him. I didn't know that he's not okay with it. He should've said it earlier and I wouldn't do that to him if he wasn't so touchy -,-
Sakihiro Sakihiro
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

He's already with someone - isn't that like a HUGE no no!!!

Yea I know but his girlfriend and I are cool so she doesn't mind and it was just a friendly dance.

And he expects a kiss.,, ok