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One of my main reasons for hiding under the blankets is wen I hear a loud noise wen Im sleeping,it might have been a dream,or some creecher under my bed or in my closet..I hold my breath and let it out slow,I do this about3times,and if nothin grabs me by then,it was probably a dream,but I stay under till morning!!!!
The other reason is obvious,it means i dont wana get up for school and mom cant find me under here;)
squirelbud squirelbud 13-15, M 2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

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Very cute & funny story, kaydee. The creature you may be hearing at night could be the jackalope looking for some treats & candy? What you need is a beagle dog to scare away the jackalope for good. The bark of a Beagle should keep him away & your candy & treats will be safe....LOL! Have a fun weekend, kaydee. Love & hugs for you.

Hi Keith,good idea ,but moms allergic to fur(or me) so we cant have any house pets. So who am I gona call to trap that pesky,misterious jackalope?? Why,Im gona cal the"GOHST BUSTERS" aahhaahhaaa!!!!

LOL! kaydee, the ghost busters wil have to change their names to: "The Jackalope Catchers." Maybe you can build a trap to catch the jackalope? Dig a hole in the ground, put some goodies in there & that should catch the jackalope & you can turn him over to the Zoo. LOL! Have a fun week & buckle up for safety. Love & hugs for you.

Funny story kaydee. Its fun to hide under my blankets from friends but it dont work on our moms lol.

Glad you guys liked my story,and your right Ben and Andy,, hiding only works for monsters,not bossy moms,haha ;)