First Love

I was in 5th grade and there was a boy named Timmy. We have known each other since kindergarten and have like each other ever since then. My parents know Timmy's Parents and we have always been friends. So one day someone told Timmy that I liked him and he did too so he asked me out. I said yes and we txted all the time. All of my friends where jealous of me cause I had a boyfriend tht loved me. Our first date was in 6th grade and we went to this park and we had a picnic. It started pouring down rain and we started laughing and we kissed. When I kissed him I felt like I was in another world. I felt like we were the only people on earth. So we got to 7th grade and I was about to go to lunch and my friend Nikko told me that timmy was moving to indianda. I didn't belivie him at first but a couple of my other friends told me the same thing. That night I litterly cried myself to sleep. I was thinking that I would never find someone like Timmy again. But I convinced my self that I would. So It was the last day of school and timmy walked home with me and we kissed for a while and then we had to say goodbye. We walked away from each other but ran back to each other and hugged for a long time. We had to break up. We actually said I love you and tht was the last time I saw him. I'm 15 now and I still haven't gone out with anyone but Timmy in my life. Thre were some guys but the weren't as sweet as Timmy. And now I can't get over him.
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I don't think anybody really gets completely over their first love. It's that special person that showed you feelings you didn't think you could have. There will always be a piece of him in your heart, that will linger for the rest of your life.

That actually sounds more depressing than it is. It doesn't mean you won't find love again, it just means that none other love will ever be like the first ( which doesn't mean it won't be better ).

The bright side is that you're still young. Not only do you have time for new experiences, but you will also change a lot in the next years to come. Once you're 17 or 18, your mind will start to get more firm, and you'll finally discover your true self. You will look back and be surprised at how much you've changed.

Don't get stuck in the past, and aim for better days :)