I Am Still In Love With My First Love

My first love was a delightful, vivacious girl of 15 when I first met her at a new church my parents began attending. I was 15, too, but my brother was 18 and had his drivers license, so we decided to double date. He was focused on some other chick at the same church. I nervously asked her, she accepted (I was thrilled!), and we went on a double date to Putt-Putt followed by hamburgers at a White Castle drive-in. Not glamorous by any stretch, but it was a magic night for me. She was the be-all, end-all as far as I was concerned. What a babe!

We followed that up with several more modest double-dates until she got her drivers license (she was a few months older than me), then we began dating by ourselves with her driving. My Mom didn't like that much. We had dates about once or twice a month, and they were pure magic. I finally worked up the nerve to ask to kiss her, to which she agreed and that sealed it - I was officially "in love"!

We dated steadily from that time onward through our 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th birthdays. I loved her so. But, sadly, our love was not to last. I went away to the Marine Corps and she went away to a big university. We wrote each other frequently, but the letters began to tapper off after about a year. We saw each other when I got home on leave, but that wasn't very often. To help ease the loneliness, I bought her a diamond engagement ring which she tearfully accepted.

Not long after, I got a letter that blew my mind. She was pregnant by another. I read it in stunned disbelief! How could she do that to me? She was my soul-mate, my one true love! But there it was, the plain ugly truth, and I had to deal with it. Well, needless to say, that was the end of our relationship. She married the dude, got a divorce, married again, divorced again, and is now living the single life somewhere in Virginia, She hasn't had a very happy life.

I got married to another great woman and have had a pretty good life with her, but I still think of my first love from time-to-time. I loved her more than she'll ever know........and I.....no, I won't....can't go there.
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Sep 18, 2012