He Was Amazing<3

Well my first love, his name is hammad. (we dated online)
we met on an app on our ipods. we met july 4th 2010. & we quickly became good friends. we skyped that nice from 10pm-8am it was intence. and the best part about it, was i could be myself(: and he didnt try getting me to do anything dirty. we just talked about everything <3
it was really nice. He made me feel special.
well we actually started dating the next day :l
i know thats a really short time of knowing eachother but i felt like we connected(:
im extremely shy and he was always telling me how beautiful i am he liked to call me gorgous and say i was his angel. wich i liked because it dosnt mean as much when a boy says ur hott.
he always made me smile and laugh (:
&& he cared/worried about me
he was all the time saying ii needed to eat (i was sick & made me not have an appetite)
and if he saw me yawn and it was late hed tell me to go to bed and hed have me fall asleep on skype, then he would too and id wake up in the morning and hed be laying there sleeping with the call still going (:
we were inlove and it was nice. he knew everything about me and i knew the story of his life. he sent me a bottle of his cologne in the mail along with a 2 pg note he said the cologne was so i could spray my hoodie with it or something so when i missed him i could smell it and be able to feel like he was there with me <3 i thought that was sweet haha
we got along perfect, never fought.
then one day outa the blue he dumped me. . . i dont really know the real reason
because he first said his mom made him, then he said he wasnt ready to settle down for one girl then he said i lived to far away and then he said it was because i dont give him what he needs. (naughty stuff)..
so he made up many excuses i just wish i knew the real reason.
then he talked to me for like a week and completely ignored me for about 4 months, he then texted me telling me hes sorry and stuff so we talk about a month and get along great then he one day blows up on me and calls me a bunch of nasty names and says alot of mean things that made me cry, like im nothing but trash and that he wished we never dated and i could go die.. it made me really upsett so he quit talking to me for about 3-4 months and this process kept goin on and on till about 7 months ago, weve been talking this whole time.. he talks to me like im his gf but we arnt dating he says he wasnts to date when we meet. i dunno how thats guna work out.. i dont really know what to do.. sometimes hes the biggest dousche ever and others hes the sweetest..
TheShyGurl TheShyGurl
13-15, F
Sep 19, 2012