It all started when i was a freshman in high school i was 14 i was talking to a guy who never thought he could of touch my heart. I was always telling myself that i would be too young to at least fall in love or to have a first love but i was wrong.
But then he came into my life he was tall cute looking sporty type of guy my type of guy. We talk for hours and days we would write letters to each other everyday even though we went to the same school we still wrote letters to each other. He asked me out on November 16 2008 and it was his birthday.. we were soo close to each other. I could believe i was falling for him soo quick. But on the 3rd month he cheated we broke up and 2wks later i went back to him.. stupid i say yes but im human i make mistakes. We had an on and off relationship we argued but yet we were happy everybody was telling us we had a toxic relationship. But we were sayingit was love.. it was all lies we were together 3yrs in a half and we broke up on june 22nd 2011. We were tired of our arguements. But now im 18 and going to collage and i know he would always be my first love hes with some other girl right now but i feel like i miss him and i know im not over him.. i cant stop thinking of him..
mariag0816 mariag0816
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012