Ugh. Stop Being Soo Perfect

Hers this boy named Simon and hes the guy of my dreams. Literally. I don't know why but I have had like 3 dreams about him and it really makes me feel super weird! But I don't know I really like him. He's perfect. Ugh!
I've never had a boyfriend ever but recently there was this boy named James who I had a little crush on. He asked me out and I said yes but I still liked Simon a little.
I didn't feel like leading him on soo I broke up with James and now I'm stuck on Simon. It's been like this since August and I really don't know what to do anymore
Sdojion469 Sdojion469
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I had a similar situation to yours. I had a big crush on this guy who i completely admire for almost 2 years! we're friends and we were classmates for a few years before, but we weren't really close. There are complications so I tried hard to get over him, meeting other guys and stuff, but i just couldn't get over him. Thinking about him everyday, getting my hopes up and being slammed down again, got me over the edge and i knew i had to tell him how i feel at some point. I had nothing to lose. It could either work out (which was pretty improbable), or it wouldn't and i could finally move on. So i worked up the courage to talk to him just before the holidays, so that i wouldn't see him for weeks if worse comes to worst. I won't lie, it was the most awkward moment of my life. But, somehow, it turned out he had feelings for me, too! I was over the moon.

I think that you should talk to Simon about how you feel, or if you're not close to him at least make small talk and try to get to know each other first. btw, having consecutive dreams about one person means that you have strong feelings for him and that you've been thinking about him a lot. so i hope you could draw some motivation from my experience. go get him! ;)