If You Love Something Let It Go, If He Feels It Too, He Will Come Back!

Even though he's gone, that he moved. Every place we ever hung out together i see flashbacks and i hold back my tears, 7 months and 11 days since we met, and 3 months and 9 days since he left.
All i want is him to come back and put a real smile on my face, make me laugh and make everything okay. Why does fate answer my prayers, and then take it away, like they're trying to make me pissed off, the way he teased me, when i looked sad and pretended it was nothing he knew had to make me feel better, and when i tried to tell him how i felt he already knew.
I miss the piggy back rides, and he'd make a cichle' move and dance in the rain with me.
How he knew i liked to make everything dramatic because it was how i liked it, he'd sneak up on me and listen to my songs when i thought i was alone.
I miss him alot i listen to the songs he showed me, and cry myself to sleep. The first time i met him, September 20th 2012 12: 23pm in gym while i almost killed him playing tennis with a sprained wrist. The first words that made me laugh was our little inside joke "You wanna fight!?!" and he said i was the first to say "Let's go! Maybe later?" i pointed to my wrist but i was ready. I liked how we could say what was on my mind; people say it was puppy love but i say it would...WILL last! The saying still remains "If you love something let it go, if he feels it too he will come back!"
I still love everything about him, the smell still lingers on his sweater, the sweet smell of burnt wood and Phoenix axe.
I will always remember that he saved me when i needed it most, that he was the wish i made and that he was my answer.
TruthIsYetToCome TruthIsYetToCome
13-15, F
Jan 9, 2013