The Guy With Jet Black Hair

And it might be stupid in anyone's ear,
it might be ridiculous to yours,
that you are the person I'm close most to,
and you to me.
We check out libraries together,
telling me to read a certain book you'd think I'd love.
There you are standing right in front of me,
But I'm not brave,
not enough to shout it to your deaf ears and blind eyes.

That I tried and tried to forget how I feel for you.
If I could just throw it away, I would.
But I'm a fire in a fragile wood.
My feelings like the burned oak,
almost gone but still breathing.
But tell me,
what fire doesn't die,
if someone feeds it with the freshest air there is?

You are an idiot and I love you for it.
You are a clumsy person and I still find you amazing.
You become a mess and I still look at you like you put stars in the sky.

You don't speak and talk to me, I speak to you anyway.
You don't tell me anything at all, I tell you something anyway.
You try to point at my insecurities, I shrug it off anyway.
You don't see I'm hurting, I smile anyway.
You don't love me back, I love you anyway.
amorest amorest
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 22, 2013

Beautiful - loved the metaphors used. Love is something so difficult to describe, yet so universal a feeling. A nice angle at which your descriptions took to catch the feeling.

The last part comes with a tinge of sadness. Never you mind if he doesn't love you back now - life is unpredictable, what's most important is we live true to ourselves, and pursue our desires in ways we won't regret.

Thank you, that's a very nice response.:)