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At first I wasn't really interested until my twin sister convinced me, next I was intrigued then by about five more episodes from the first season I was hooked.

This anime was one of the best I've ever seen - it's got drama, adventure and hidden life lessons. And I must say that I still think that the first two seasons were the very best ones.

Now, Pokèmon does have it's fun episodes and the plot is fine, but quite frankly it gets tiresome seeing the same villains Team rocket over and over again and that we never get to see what bright future fate DOES have in store for Ash and his friends further on.

But if you are interested I recommend you watch the first two seasons in Japanese subtitles or in the spanish dub because the English dub does not it any justice at all.
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I can't watch the subtotals one because I'm kind of blind, but I watched Digimon with my twin as a kid, and I still love it. I don't have any preference for Pokémon or Digimon though. I think both of them have their pros and cons. I like how in Digimon they can turn back to their cutie forms, but I like the fact that Pokémon can go into little balls and stuff. My favorite Digimon is Terriermon. I love his long years and his little body, and him from season three was adorable! I love him! My favorite Digidestined from seasons one and two is Takeru. He and Mokyuba from Yu-Gi-Oh where my first cartoon crushes. My favorite Digidestined from seasons two and three were Henry and Koichi. I like tanneries personality, and his partner, and I liked Koichi's backstory and personality as well. I thought he got some of the best development out of the characters.

What's your favorite? Which Digimon would you like is your partner, and which Digidestined was your favorite from each season? And by that I mean seasons one through four, because I do not acknowledge the existence of five and six. They suck in my opinion.

Kari I like the best - she's one of the few that genuinely wanted to see the Digiworld contrary to what her brother and the other girls think. I suppose Rika from Season three because she was fearless to some degree. Season 4 the twins Kouji and Kouichi and seeing how their story develops further. As for the Digimon it's quite a long list.

Yeah. I like Koji too. My twin can do a perfect imitation of Kari. Now it is he's doing, but I still think it's badass. What's the list? I'm curious. Oh! I also like Patamon. He's adorable! And I like usable form. Angels are awesome and beautiful! i think his death scene was the first thing that made me cry animated wise as a kid.I was really happy that they brought that into season two, and made it into something that Takeru is afraid of. That part of the show interest me a lot. It makes the sense too. I mean, if I was an eight-year-old and my best friend died and came back to life, I would still be afraid that he would do that again and never come back. I don't think that fear would ever leave.

Exactly the original version is way to better than the English one....I love all the Japanese song tracks especially the "Brave Heart".....I still feel its magic....