So Much Fun!

I had forgotten how fun playing with Playdoh can be. My mom bought some for my 3-year-old niece to play with when she comes over. On a day off from work a few weeks ago I was just hanging around the house (which I do a lot,) trying to find something to do while I waited on a load of wash to finish up. As I was walking through the living room, my niece saw me and asked me to come and make "a crow." She already had her Grandma Ann making a scarcrow (which looked more like a lop-sided snow man, but I probably couldn't have done much better, lol!) So I made her a crow, which she insisted had to be made from green Playdoh, even though Grandma tried to convinve her that the crow should be black instead (my niece is very strong-willed.) I really enjoyed the Playdoh, honestly. I made ice cream with whipped cream and cherries, biscuits, bird feet, a dog, an egg- just to name a few. I love the smell of Playdoh and always have an urge to eat it when I first open up the can and that wonderful aroma hits my nose (too bad it's so salty.) The feeling of squishing it in my hands is fun, too, although I hate when it gets trapped under my fingernails. Needless to say, I was just as disappointed as my niece when it was time for her to leave for her dance recital practice :( Still, I'm too embarrassed to play with it alone, since I'm almost 31! Maybe my niece will come over soon and play Playdoh with me again. At least I hope so :)
PrincessPumpkin81 PrincessPumpkin81
31-35, F
Jun 18, 2012