Damn Straight

I never really payed much attention to Britney Spears. I had one of her albums when I was a kid, (Oops!.. I Did It Again) and wasn't too bothered about her other stuff.

I guess it was when her greatest hits album came out I got interested. I got the 2 disc edition and I enjoyed pretty much all of the songs. That was back in 2004, and then when Blackout was released I went and picked up a copy. I really liked the album, it was what I needed at that time. Happy, pop, dance nonsense.

Somehow, after that album I went and bought most of her other CD's, and downloaded the rest. I even went as far as downloading a whole bunch of unreleased songs. I'm such a huge fan now. I even looked into buying tickets for her Circus tour, but couldn't afford them. :(

I still listen to Britney Spears, AND I still watch Crossroads. If you don't like it, I don't care! XP

Melody08 Melody08
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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

I am not as big a fan, but I enjoy the music that she is putting out, not so much the drama! (which thank goodness has subsided for now!)