I Hate It

I hate living with my mum, stepdad n younger sister but i really cant move out yet!

I really dont know how to cook the most i can make is ceral, toast (ish) pasta (ish) beans (ish) i would loose wieght tho seems more of a good idea now! =-)
Im not very good with bills and money! i see money in my account i spend! without waiting for the hundreds of bills to go out!!!

n i just dont understand it all!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 13, 2007

all the same symptoms and i am 36 yr old man, i am so disgusted with myself, but i will be getting my home soon

im in a similar situation as you, but you can learn cooking this summer by asking your mom, and watching you tubes videos about it. i also need money i wish i could have a job, in a simple store n save money, buy clothss.<br />
for loosing weight wake up early and drink as much water as you can daily, im trying it too. hope i helped u.<br />
ps. remember cooking, ironing the shirts, taking care of your hair and being a homemaker is fundamental for a girl, when i went to my uncles home in 2007, my cousins and first cousins once removed were all dinamic at this point me not, i understood how important it was, with this u'll be cualified and boys (dads bros, husbands, uncles,) love girls that are great homemakers.

Lol, just get a smart roommate. I would move out to if I had money. Just have to wait till Uni.