The Pros And Cons...

It's not a MATURE choice, but it is PRACTICAL. Everyday, I suffer the pros and cons of still living with my Parents. It may be part of the culture where you are not obliged to live on your own when you turned 18 (Unless you get married, but most of them still do). Hence, I should really start thinking about moving out. Here are my Pros and Cons;

Pros, I don't need to pay rent or worry about most of the bills. Cons, I hear a lot of ranting about it all the time.

Pros, I don't have to do my laundry, clean my room or cook for myself. Cons, I also hear ranting about it...sometimes.

Cons, I haven't graduated from having a CURFEW, or logging IN and OUT when I am leaving the house. Pros, at least I know that someone cares??

Cons, I never get my privacy. Parents go through my stuff, and they never knock before entering my room. Pros, I can't think of any??

Pros, I don't have to check on them just to see if they are doing well, 'coz I so see them all the time. Cons, You can't have an opinion around them, because ADULTS are always right.

Cons, I can't shop for new stuffs(clothing, devices, hobbies) because they think it is a waste of money. Pros, at least I have second thoughts before purchasing unnecessary items(though I somehow still do, because of my impulsiveness).

Pros, There shouldn't be a problem living with your parents if they are COOL. Cons, It's bad when they are old fashioned, insensitive, stubborn and loves to stereotype people and things.

Pros, You'll find anything you want/need around(well most of it). Cons, Your house is a complete mess, and it has too much stuff that you can't even clean or throw out because you might need it some other time. Well that's what they (hoarders) says.

Pros, SHARING. Cons, Maybe a little bit too much. Your stuff, their stuff.

Pros, It's a good excuse to not have any friends or visitors around(it works for loners like me). Cons, People often got too scared of them and think that they are bunch of Nazis and I am weird.

Pros, I am not an option to be the designated driver. Cons, Now, I don't like to drive anymore.

Pros, It's a safe zone when you have an unstable career. Cons, You'll hear more nagging. And they make you feel how stupid you are on making adult decisions.

Cons, Their problems, your problem. Pros, who am I kidding??

Pros, It's PRACTICAL. Cons, I makes me feel weak, dependent and depressed most of the time(probably the main reason why I am back in caffeine again).

I never asked for it, I just didn't learn about it earlier. I have been giving it a lot of thoughts lately. I just hope I can find the courage and luck to do so. As what Warren Buffett quoted 'risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.' .

hopelessaddict hopelessaddict
31-35, F
Jan 20, 2013