If you read my stories about Bobby you would know how I feel and how hurt I was and how I want to overcome the past. My love, my first love and my true love left me and he made me feel like a beautiful woman and he left.  I am so hurt from the pain and I still have that pain in my heart til today maybe I have created an illusion in my head about him I wish it would all go away and leave me at peace once and for all I guess I am the type of person that likes pain ? who knows that is probably all I know ? maybe experiences in the past left me feeling this way I need a connection someone that feels and loves and would want me for me. I am not a fascinating person but not average either if you read my stories you might get a keen instinct of who I am, I am a woman in love that wants to be loved by the right man. Dee

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

Here is my two cents worth, when I was dating women, prier to getting married, I had a rule I went by. If I was in a relationship and we broke up for any reason, or no matter who did the breaking up. I followed this one rule, never to get back to gather again, because the problems that were there before would just come back. I broke this rule only once. My spouse left me. Then after a bout 6 weeks later she wanted to get back to gather. When she left she said all she wanted out of the marriage was her cloths and to see the kids from time to time. I did take her back and all the problems returned with her. I sent the next 5 years in a relationship that just went down hill. In the end I left with just my clothes, my fishing gear, ten percent of my tools and my computer. Oh and 90% of the bills. I am telling you this so you have an idea of wear I am coming from. My suggestion to you is to look foreword. Take Boston's advice: "Don't Look Back".