I Grew Up On All Of Her Books

Enid Blyton is by some peoples standards probably a little dated now but I still love all her books. I think she understood what kids want from a book and delivered great fantasy and adventure stories every time.

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I will read Enid blyton to my kids, I can't wait!

Enid Blyton was cool! I even enjoyed all the lesser read books like Mr Twiddle because where are you supposed to turn to after you've read the famous ones? Ahhh memories.

My mother in law remembers playing on the wreckage of bomb sites during the war and nobody seemed to think this was dangerous so, things have definitely changed and like you say, there wasn't the ambulance chasing lawyers in those days! Can't help but think that maybe kids today are missing out on what we used to get up to. I was raised by both my parents and my grandparents and both used to open the door in the summer and basically kick us out for the whole day. It was great. We would spend it mucking about down the woods, climbing trees, making swings and jumping about in the brook. I would usually return with ripped clothes, covered in mud and grass stains and generally used to receive a slap around the back of the legs for it but..... I lived to tell the tale didn't I? Child obesity is on the rise but it isn't because of what's in their lunch boxes, it's because they are not outside playing enough. Enid Blyton may be dated but bring on the ginger beer I say!

I just bought a box Set from Amazon, I got it for our foster kids but I've been reading them again for the memories. It's interesting to read them with an adults perspective, you find yourself questioning the parenting methods in the books - those famous five kids get way too much freedom, rowing over to an island when a storm is on the way? I think not! Did their parents not check the weather forecast? Not to mention disappearing down old wells and secret passages that have been shut up for hundreds of years. What about the health and safety hazards? Obviously tsunami and air born bacteria were not a concern in Enid Blytons day! What ever would social services have to say? Oh well, the books never did me any harm I guess. :o)