Man This Sucks

I'm 18 and still have my virginity. I feel like I'm not normal for that reason. Anyway. I got my first job last year, and I promised myself that I would not be dumb enough to catch feelings for a co worker. My first day on the job I saw her. The single threat to my perfect love defenses I thought I had built. I ignored her for a while, because I knew I would fall for her if we talked. Over time I saw her perfect body and her personality was so perfect for me. So I was weak and could not resist. I got her number and I tried going out with her. Long story short, she has a kid, so she's always busy. We talk alot but no sex, so I deleted her # and tried to just be co workers again. But she's somehow got my new # and calls me. I still love her...but she only plays games with me, and uses me to vent about her exes. I know she's doing this, and she'll never give it up, but I'm just so enamoured. This sucks.
Swaggdemond Swaggdemond
Jan 16, 2013