Love Doesnt Hate...

Through this pain Ive been processing Ive learned more about love itself. Many of us are confused when it comes to love. We say we will never love again because its causes too much pain. But we fail to realize Love doesnt hurt. Heartbreak brings pain, cheating hurts, violence, lies, abandonment, deception, to exploit, take advantage or munipulate anothers feelings; those things hurt, bring pain and are just plain evil.

Love is heals, love is kind, peaceful, loyal, makes you happy, does not discriminate, love does not waver, love comforts, love has no shame, love heals all wounds, love embraces like a hug, love forgives, love is giving, love is caring, love is strong and powerful, love see's the good in a bad person, love does not hinder, love is a spirit of affection and its good to anyone it visits. Thats why we still care for those who hurt us. Because we are Love!

Let us not be so fast to give up on love. Lets not blame love for the wrong that people have done to us and the adversities that life and circumstances has caused us...
MsSweetea MsSweetea
51-55, F
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

'Love' brings up all our stuff to the surface that needs to heal... So that we can reflect on how to utilise the qualities you have shared, the light only exist with the shadow